Dual 10" Line Array, Outdoor Speakers (Q1), PRO Audio

Dual 10 inch line array. Outdoor speakers, stage line array:1. Operating Mode: Passive2. Max SPL: 126dB3. RMS: 500W.4. Companent: Low: 2x10", High: 3" * 15. Peak power:800W Frequency  response  (-3dB)80Hz-18KHzComponentsLF: 2x10in, Neodymium1x3inch,   NeodymiumNominal  Impedance8ohmsSystem

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Dual 10 inch line array. Outdoor speakers, stage line array:
1. Operating Mode: Passive
2. Max SPL: 126dB
3. RMS: 500W.
4. Companent: Low: 2x10", High: 3" * 1
5. Peak power:800W


Frequency  response  (-3dB)



LF: 2x10in, Neodymium

1x3inch,   Neodymium

Nominal  Impedance


System  sensitivity  (1w@1m)

106dB  SPL

Maximum    SPL


Power  handling


Peak  power



75° x150°

Dimensions  (W  x  D  x  H)

355 x 955 x 505(mm)


2xSpeakon|  connectors  (NL  4)

Enclosure  material

15mm  plywood


Textured  black  paint


Black  perforated  steel



Dual 10 Inch Line Array, Outdoor Speakers (Q1) , PRO Audio

Dual 10 Inch Line Array, Outdoor Speakers (Q1) , PRO Audio

Dual 10 Inch Line Array, Outdoor Speakers (Q1) , PRO Audio
>> Product Description:
Q1 is specially designed for theaters, stadiums, outdoor performances and other places, in the high-density splint box, by two 10-inch (250mm) high configuration NdFeB driver and a coverage angle of 75 ° × 150 ° vertical high-frequency horn on a 75mm NdFeB high-frequency drive components. Its internal components are equipped with high-frequency protection circuit together with the passive divider, high-frequency protection circuit to prevent excessive damage to the high-driver. In the permanent installation, the box built M8 multi-point hanging point, suitable for different environments.

>> Features:
Q1 has a real natural performance, its biggest feature is the small size, light weight, long-range projection, high sensitivity, strong penetration, high sound pressure level, clear voice, reliability, uniform sound coverage between regions and so on. Durable appearance, the use of high-density splint as the structural material of the box, and the box surface with a durable black diamond paint. Such a speaker's anti-aging strength is very strong, long-term exposure to the sun and rain, while installed indoors is to prevent moisture and other harsh environments.

>> Application:
Used in theaters, stadiums, outdoor performances, nightclubs, indoor SHOW bars, big stage, bars, multi-purpose hall, and fixed installation systems and other places. .

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